My husband and three children keep me busy and laughing. I’m the Care Minister at The Village Church Denton, where I oversee ministries to those who are suffering. I also own a private professional counseling practice, and I spend time walking alongside those who are suffering in significant ways, namely marital struggle, abuse, grief and domestic violence. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, and it drives me to sing and teach and write (and dance around my house when no one’s looking).

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and I work hard to keep up with the latest things happening in the counseling world (which is ever-changing). Experts are learning things all the time about the brain and human behavior, and I believe they are finding evidence of truth in Scripture. I believe in psychology, because I believe in the study of the human brain and heart. In my studies, I have learned that only a force outside ourselves will ultimately bring healing and hope. That source is Jesus Christ. And Jesus has given us strong wills, brains and hearts that can move toward growth. He empowers us to make changes in our lives, but He never forces us. He has given us dignity, and He honors that dignity by allowing us to make our own decisions. As a counselor, I place Jesus as the foundation of my work, and I work on top of that foundation. Without the foundation, the house will surely crumble.

I’m also a survivor of sexual abuse, and this informs much of my writing because it has informed my whole adult life. While I will never be glad I experienced abuse, it has been one of the primary catalysts to bring me into ministry to those who suffer. The Lord is ferociously committed to turning our pain into purpose. It’s been His way of preparing a table for me (and others) in the presence of my enemy (Psalm 23:5).