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What Adult Children Need To Know About Loving Their Parents Counsel for Life

In this episode we discuss the potential difficulty that comes with trying to love our parents well. We consider challenges such as how to honor them when we disagree, and we offer practical tools for growing in a healthy relationship together.Here's a book that may be helpful if you are struggling in your relationship with your parents: How to Love Difficult Parents, by Jim NewheiserClick HERE to become a friend of the podcast by subscribing!Subscribers receive a bonus episode each month with exclusive content not featured elsewhere on the podcast. The bonus episodes are released directly to you on the third week of each month. In these episodes Eliza and Beth take a deeper dive into counseling topics and provide practical and personal insight just for you. In addition, every month you are automatically entered into drawings to win resources or merchandise from our sponsors.But most importantly, for just $3 a month you become part of the family of friends that keep the Counsel for Life podcast going! Your small membership fee helps to cover the production costs encountered by hosting a free podcast. Thank you for choosing to become a friend of the podcast we are glad you are here and are grateful for you!Follow us:
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