Professional Counseling

At this time, my counseling practice is not receiving new clients.

I operate a private counseling practice, working mostly with married couples and trauma survivors. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I), and I use specific methods in narrative therapy in my work with trauma survivors. When I work with married couples, I utilize four basic components of growth toward safety and health in the relationship: celebration of personality differences, baggage brought into marriage (from past painful events), resentment built between partners, and personal goals and priorities that can be merged together in marriage.

I also love working with men and women who are vocational ministers. I’ve learned that pastors, ministers and those who work in para-church organizations are subject to all kinds of struggle (and even trauma) as a result of their ministries. We need safe spaces in which to heal and struggle through life’s suffering.

I am able to offer virtual counseling to anyone within the state of Texas. While some may think virtual counseling is strange, others find it very convenient. I work hard to ensure that technology is not a hindrance to the counseling process, and I use a HIPAA-compliant software to ensure confidentiality.

LPC Supervision

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and I offer a faith-based approach to supervision and consultation. Supervisees will receive four hours of individual supervision per month, as well as opportunities to join my group supervision and training events. Each supervisee receives a specific plan based on his/her goals and plans for growth, and I work hard to include training and resources related to current issues being faced by counselors, such as ethical considerations, multicultural needs, gender/sexuality concerns, and family dynamics. If you’re interested in receiving supervision, please contact me at


I love to consult with pastors, ministers and counselors regarding the creation and flourishing of counseling ministry within the church. Building a lay counseling ministry in a church setting comes with many challenges, so I love to share what we’ve learned. I also love consulting in regard to specific cases of care that occur within church settings. I’ve talked with pastors about ways the leaders of a church can come alongside couples, families and individuals who are suffering in significant ways. While professional counseling is a helpful resource, pastors shouldn’t have to outsource all the care to someone who’s not functioning within the Body of believers. At our church, we’ve developed a care planning process that allows us to be consistent and thoughtful when working with those who are carrying very heavy burdens of sin and suffering.


I’ve had the honor of educating churches, communities and counseling practices in how to create trauma-informed environments in which to help foster healing to those who are most vulnerable. I also love to spend time working with businesses and churches regarding resiliency and burnout prevention when working with high-risk and suffering populations. I’d love to work with your organization!

If you’re interested in receiving services, please complete the following form. (Note: I am not currently receiving new counseling clients. However, I am happy to offer referrals in the North Texas area.)