I operate a private counseling practice, working mostly with married couples and trauma survivors. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I), and I use specific methods in narrative therapy in my work with trauma survivors. When I work with married couples, I utilize four basic components of growth toward safety and health in the relationship: celebration of personality differences, baggage brought into marriage (from past painful events), resentment built between partners, and personal goals and priorities that can be merged together in marriage.

I also love working with men and women who are vocational ministers. I’ve learned that pastors, ministers and those who work in para-church organizations are subject to all kinds of struggle (and even trauma) as a result of their ministries. We need safe spaces in which to heal and struggle through life’s suffering.

I am able to offer virtual counseling to anyone within the state of Texas. While some may think virtual counseling is strange, others find it very convenient. I work hard to ensure that technology is not a hindrance to the counseling process, and I use a HIPAA-compliant software to ensure confidentiality.

At this time, my counseling practice is not receiving new clients. However, please see below to learn about the counselors I supervise.

LPC Supervision

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and I offer a faith-based approach to supervision and consultation. Supervisees will receive four hours of individual supervision per month, as well as opportunities to join my group supervision and training events. Each supervisee receives a specific plan based on his/her goals and plans for growth, and I work hard to include training and resources related to current issues being faced by counselors, such as ethical considerations, multicultural needs, gender/sexuality concerns, and family dynamics. My supervisees are taking new clients, so please click below for information about their practices.


Bonny Pierce, M.Ed., LPC Associate and Certified Biblical Counselor

Bonny serves children and families as a play therapist at Joyful Restoration Wellness in Denton, TX. She interweaves Biblical Counseling and play therapy to create a unique environment where kids can feel safe, secure, and loved while they work through their heartaches.  It is her hope that as children participate in Biblical play therapy, they are introduced to the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, and experience His healing powers. Click HERE to learn more about Bonny and book an appointment.


Stefanie Miles, Practicum Student for Master of Arts in Counseling

Professional counseling is a second career for Stefanie, though she is not new to the field of counseling. She has been studying human behavior and the process of change while walking alongside and mentoring women for eighteen years. Stefanie is particularly passionate about helping those who are helping others. From church leaders, ministers and missionaries to small business owners to professional helpers and those in service to others, she desires to see her clients flourish so they are free to sustain their calling and purpose. Click HERE to learn more about Stefanie and book an appointment.