I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I). I have a private counseling practice, working primarily with married couples, vocational ministers and survivors of abuse. I also serve as the Care Minister at The Village Church Denton. Finally I am the Executive Director of Christian Trauma Healing Network, a nonprofit organization that offers resources, training and collaboration to Christian mental health providers, pastors, lay counselors and advocates.

I’m very interested in the interplay between church-based ministry and professional Christian counseling. I consult with churches and counseling practices regarding how to utilize counseling within the church, and I collaborate with professional counselors to bridge the (sometimes vastly wide) gap between churches and mental health professionals.

Finally, I am deeply passionate about bringing trauma-informed care to the Church. I’m working closely with other counselors and vocational ministers to create materials and resources in trauma healing for pastors, counselors and church-based ministries. The Church should be the safest place for trauma survivors and victims to receive care and healing, but this has so often not been the case. We are on the cusp of bringing great hope and health to those who have survived and are currently surviving horrendous sin at the hands of others. We are honored to shine the light of Christ brightly and lead the way toward healing. To learn more about training and resources, visit my “Events” page.