Counsel for Life Podcast

hosted by Beth Broom and Eliza Huie

How we use Scripture in life and counseling Counsel for Life

Scripture is the most important source of wisdom as we move through the world. In this episode we talk about practical and personal ways we engage with Scripture, and specifically how our personal engagement leads us toward guiding and encouraging others.Note:  This episode was originally released exclusively to our Patreon subscribers during Season 2 of Counsel for Life. Any promotions or giveaways mentioned in the episode were reserved for our subscribers at the time of the original release. 
  1. How we use Scripture in life and counseling
  2. Why Revisit the Past?
  3. You're only human, Featuring Kelly Kapic
  4. Jesus and the value of emotions, Featuring Jonathan Pennington
  5. A calming resource for kids and families, Featuring Eliza Huie

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