Biblical Womanhood: A Series

Pearls on Bible
Three years ago I led a study for some women in our church on six aspects of biblical womanhood. Recently I came across the material again and decided to write several posts about the topics covered in that study.

Let me warn you – this is not a typical discussion of biblical womanhood. I have had more than my fill of books and studies about being a good wife and mother, about marriage versus singleness, and about modesty in a culture of sexual progressiveness. While we certainly benefit from talking about these things, I prefer to go a different route in the discussion.

So here are the topics we’re going to discuss over the next several weeks:

  • The Fear of God
  • Quietness of Spirit (it’s not what you might think!)
  • Wisdom
  • Virtue
  • Submission
  • Diligence

Sound interesting? I’m telling you – I was so floored as I began to study these topics and how they apply to me as a woman belonging to Christ. And I want this to actually be a discussion, not a monologue. So as you read, think, and answer questions, please respond. It’s that comment box at the bottom!!

A side note for those of you who are men: I believe you will be equally blessed to learn about these things with us. Just because you’re not a woman does not mean you don’t need to learn about womanhood. You have women in your life, right? And I’ll bet they hold significant influence and affection in your heart. Understanding their God-given gifts and roles will grow your love for them and for Christ. So stick with us, guys. You’ll be glad you did.

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