Biblical Womanhood for Men

The subject of biblical womanhood is one that seems to have almost been beaten to death among Christian women. It might be because we hope to find the magic bullet that will enlighten and propel us immediately into perfect obedience and submission to God’s plan for our role. Well, all this reading and listening and searching, and we still haven’t perfected ourselves. And now we’re hopefully realizing this subject is like all others. We grow more slowly than we want to grow, but that’s the process of sanctification. We need to keep reading and listening and searching, and each time we’ll move a little closer to our Father’s good design.

For all the Christian men who hold a right view of the role of women in God’s Kingdom, there are countless others who completely misunderstand what biblical womanhood means. And I’m not sure those men are terribly interested in learning about it. I don’t think it’s because they’re unconcerned or chauvinistic – I think they just don’t believe the subject is for them. I would argue that Christian men should be experts on the subject of biblical womanhood, so I’d like to speak directly to our brothers in Christ.

Are you married, or are you hoping to be married someday? Do you have daughters? Mothers? Sisters? Female co-workers? The fact is you are surrounded by us. We’re everywhere. In order to love us and serve us according to God’s Word, you’ll be wise to study biblical womanhood alongside us. So all throughout this series, I plan to offer questions for reflection for both women and men. I’d love to get your feedback and questions, because this is a conversation we need to be having TOGETHER, not just as separate genders. Here are a couple of questions to get you started:

  1. Historically, what words have come to mind when you thought of women? How have you typically viewed them?
  2. What is one question you have about the role of women in God’s Kingdom?
  3. In what ways might God grow you toward Himself through a study of biblical womanhood?

Feel free to be brave and post your answers as a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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